Mineral Tiles

Our mineral ceilings are functional and innovative. Panels are made of bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch and are therefore based on natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials. The large selection of classic finishes can be harmoniously integrated into any room and through their proven design, provide an aesthetically pleasing, timeless ceiling appearance.
The technology of the mineral suspended ceiling systems offers high performance in fire safety, acoustics and hygiene.

Mineral suspended ceilings are offered in the following main categories

  • Smooth or slightly embossed surfaces
    They create a contemporary ceiling design with sonic reflection
  • Embossed and micro-perforated surfaces
    Symmetrical ceilings that provide very good sound absorption
  • Special drilling ceilings
    Perforated panels give the roof an autonomous character while increasing its sound absorption

Our company offers a wide range of adaptable suspending frame systems designed to meet the different functional needs of modern buildings.

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