Exterior Raised Floor

Our exterior raised floor system is an innovative, fully ceramic panel, developed to exceed the application limits of traditional panels (with chipboard or calcium sulphate) which, although technically valid and current, cannot be used in highly humid environments.

Specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of external raised access floor installations. The panel is totally inert, robust and is impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. The absence of any metallic components employed within its construction makes this product ideally suited to external applications providing years of trouble free use and reduced maintenance costs.

Our exterior raised floor is also ideally suited to internal applications where high humidity or water may be present such as industrial control rooms or pumping stations. In these instances, neither chipboard or calcium sulphate core panels would perform.

The product is fully non-absorbent, even after prolonged submersion in water; the sole 26 mm thickness also makes it ideal when a low finished floor of just a few millimeters is required.

  • Suitable for external use / marine applications¬†
  • Suitable for internal use / all areas
  • Slim-line panel only 26 mm thick c/w finish
  • The surface finish of the X-floor panel is generally porcelain which can be supplied in an almost infinite range of colours and anti-slip textures
  • It is totally impervious to water and humidity.
  • Resistant to fire
  • Reinforced construction
Newfloor X-floor Catalogue